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Empowering disadvantaged communities (particularly women) in urban slums to overcome preventable causes of ill-health and deaths through economic empowerment, health promotion and disease prevention programs. ZACHEDO’s key interventions are focused at a household and community level to help address community social, economic and health problems through involving communities living in slums and rural areas in the enhancement of their own health and development with a view of achieving a sustainable impact.

ZACHEDO’s health facility (Zaam Medical Centre) was also selected by the Ministry of Health in Uganda as a practicum site for training heath workers on the insertion of comprehensive family planning methods such as IUDs/Implants, vasectomy, and post abortion care.

How we change the world.

We change the world by offering innovative and unique services to our resilient communities where we operate and ensure their sustainability, reliability and affordability for greater life-long impact.

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Yes, we work and collaborate with a number of local and international organizations. Please email us using the contact form anyday of your wish for an inquiry and we can`t wait to hear from you.

We welcome volunteers willing to fundraise on our behalf on a number of causes and projects, but before you do,please email us on the details for a better guidance.

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