“Empowering women is not just about giving them a voice; it's about creating a world where their voices are heard, their dreams are nurtured, and their potential is unleashed.”
Sarah Nabembezi
Executive Director, ZACHEDO

Zaam Community Health Development Organisation (ZACHEDO) was started initially in 1993 as a health component called Zaam clinic for implementing health facility based interventions and providing curative/ treatment services to outpatient children and disadvantaged adults living in the slum communities within Makindye division. As the demand for inpatient and maternity services increased, Zaam clinic was expanded to Zaam Medical Centre providing a comprehensive health care package with an inpatient capacity of 20 beds. However from the analysis, 75% of the disease burden handled at the health facility could be prevented by the community itself at household level once given the necessary knowledge and skills. It was also noted that the high poverty levels within the urban slum communities created a barrier to the access of quality health care. Therefore in 2011, ZACHEDO was formed and it attained a legal status as a fully registered Community Based Organisation. (CBO).

ZACHEDO continues to work with the local communities with a specific focus on vulnerable groups (Women, Adolescents, Youth, Orphans, Refugees, Commercial Sex Workers and People with Disabilities) in and around the urban slums of Kampala City and other urban areas in Uganda to prevent diseases leading to ill-health and death. Zachedo works in partnership with community leaders, other CBOs, governmental and non-governmental, national or international bodies that have similar objectives and aspirations.

A healthy community free from preventable causes of ill health and death. Zachedo’s approach to resolving community problems is to work with communities themselves especially women because “WHEN YOU TEACH A WOMAN, YOU TEACH A NATION”.

To empower disadvantaged communities (particularly women) in urban slums to overcome preventable causes of ill-health and deaths through economic sustainabilty . health promotion and disease prevention programs.









Our core values

Strategic partnerships

ZACHEDO is not a jack of all trade. It values partnership with donors,institutions,ministries, CSOs, the private sector and other CBOs to provide synergy or support and avoid duplication.

Transparency and accountability

In all our transactions we ensure transparency and accountability with clients and partners.

Quality Service

We are obliged to provide quality service in whatever we do.

Integrated health care delivery

To be effective and achieve impact with our interventions include health promotion, disease prevention and curative care.