Increase in access of HIV counseling and testing

Project Title:
To increase the percentage number of men, women, and adolescents who know their HIV status through free counseling/testing.

Program objectives:

    1. To expand the availability of HIV testing and counseling services, including a focus on key populations and marginalized communities that are hard to reach.
    2. To increase the number of people who know their HIV status from 30% to 60%.
    3. To assure the quality of HIV testing and counseling services.
    4. To assure the existence and quality of effective and efficient referral and linkage systems.

Focus populations to be focused on HIV testing and counseling services include the following:

  • Adults and adolescents wishing to have an HIV test.
  • All children, adults, and adolescents attending clinical services.
  • All adults, adolescents, and children who present in clinical settings with signs and symptoms or medical conditions due to HIV/AIDS infection.
  • In all epidemics, all adults attending services for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), family planning and tuberculosis (TB).
  • All pregnant women first presenting for antenatal care, retesting of pregnant women in the third trimester or during labor or postpartum if the HIV status has not been determined.
  • All children born to women living with HIV.
  • Parents of unknown HIV status who have children living with HIV.
  • Key populations (people who inject drugs, sex workers, men who have sex with men).
  • Men presenting for circumcision for HIV prevention.
  • HIV testing and counseling can be either client- or provider-initiated, and provided at the individual or couple.


  1. 168,000 youth, women, men and children were tested during project implementation from 2012-2015.
  2. Approximately 100 HIV positive pregnant women enrolled into care.
  3. Approximately 300 HIV positive people enrolled into care.
  4. 320 clients enrolled in TB.
  5. Strengthening of existing referral and linkages systems.
  6. Training of involved personnel on how to conduct HIV testing and counseling, including training on couples testing and counseling in generalized epidemics.