Adolescent sexual and reproductive health promotion.

Project Title:
To increase adolescent access to youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services.


  • To address the high STI/HIV/AIDS prevalence.
  • To respond to the increased number of unwanted/unplanned teenage pregnancies.
  •  To address the increased incidences and prevalence of unsafe abortions.

The minimum package of youth-friendly SRH services included;

  1.  Information and counseling on sexuality, safe sex, and reproductive health.
  2. Contraception and protective method provision.
  3. STI diagnosis and management.
  4. HIV counseling (and referral for testing and care).
  5. Pregnancy testing and antenatal and postnatal care.
  6. Counseling on sexual violence and abuse (and referral for needed services).
  7. Post-abortion care (PAC) counseling and contraception.


  1. Training of staff in the quality provision of youth-friendly SRH services.
  2. 7,893 women and youth utilized modern family planning services through facility-based and community outreach programs.
  3. 3902 were treated syndromically for STIs.
  4. 150 were managed for post-abortion care.5234 were counseled and tested or HIV/AIDS.