Our Team

Our team brings together an experience of mixed professionals from midwifery to community psychology and business administration at the masters` level of academic excellence.

We believe that impacting women, children and youths is impacting a nation that will thrive tomorrow for a bright future ahead.

  • Sarah Nabembezi

    Executive Director

    She brings over 10 years of international nonprofit experience to Zachedo, with key professional positions focused on the well-being of women and children.

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  • Namono Shamim

    Project Coordinator

    She is passionate in fighting for youth rights and livelihood development. For the past three years she has worked in community projects within Uganda addressing...

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  • Zalwango Ziada

    Project Director

    She is passionate about gender equality and women economic empowerment with a focus primarily on the integration of women’s ...

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Empowering women is not just about giving them a voice; it’s about creating a world where their voices are heard, their dreams are nurtured, and their potential is unleashed.

Sarah Nabembezi
Executive Director, Zachedo