VGIF multi-year project 2018- 2020;Zachedo staff capacity building on management of ‘ The Rotational Livelihood Fund.’

This training started on the 4th of December 2017 for a period of 7 days. It was held at Kenlon hotel in Mengo next to the Zachedo offices.  Individual participants included the Zachedo programs director, project coordinator, Sacco credit officer, Sacco credit manager and Sacco business development coordinator. This training was conducted by Mr. Katende Steve: a consultant working with 5 talents Uganda Limited.

This training was carried on under the following objectives;

  1. To review and gap analysis of the existing Sacco management structure, systems and processes.
  2. To identify barriers to successful growth and sustainability of the Sacco.
  3. To develop and establish guidelines of best practices and regulation for effective and successful Sacco management.
  4. To develop a monitoring and evaluation system to track Sacco performance.
  5. To train Sacco staff in effective management of the rotational livelihood fund as funded by VGIF project 2018-2020.